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-discrimination after niners defensive back chris culliver made comments about not wanting to have a gay teammate. an interviewing asked chris culliver if the 49ers had gay players. chris culliver said no. ain't got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here if they do. today the 49ers said the san francisco 49ers reject the comments and have addressed the matter with chris. no place for discrimination at any level. we have and will support the lgbt community. >>> to the super bowl. 49er fans in new orleans are finding plenty of ways to part with their pay checks. ktvu's ken wayne, lucky, lucky in the biz easy. >> reporter: we are live inside the new orleans convention center. a few doors down from here, what opened is the nfl experience. part of the experience for nfl fans is trying to hang on to their wallets. >> reporter: all park of the game here in new orleans -- part of the game here in new orleans. if it has anything to do with the nfl it is for sale and fans are buying. he just bought almost 70 football helmets at $35 a pop. >> reporter: what are you doing with them? >> try
will defer that to history. >> he said as defense secretary he would work on relationshipsships. >>> now to our super bowl coverage from new orleans. tonight a defensive back on the 49ers is apologizing for comments he made about gay players in the nfl. ktvu's joe fonzi is in new orleans and tells us how chris culliver faced the media today and what he said. joe? >> reporter: frank, we talked about this throughout the week, the super bowl is about fun and games but one or two serious issues come up throughout the week, that see the case today -- that was the case today. chris culliver's comments went viral today and this was the first time he was available to the media and the last time either team will be available to the media till sunday's game. he didn't duck the issues but his comments sounded different than earlier. >> i am sorry i offended anyone. like i said it was an ugly comment. it is not what i feel in my heart. hopefully i grow from this experience and situation and i love san francisco. anybody have any entitlements -- >> reporter: 49 brass and teammates weighed in on a day
in law enforcement. this one had both with a 12- inch knife. >> he in his own defense was going to pull his gun and he did. >> reporter: the father who called police is just trying to help a troubled son. >> it's sad that it had to come to this.. >> reporter: before this, calls to the home were domestic. the officer involved is an eight year veteran. the suspect he shot is expected to survive. in dublin, noelle dublin. >>> a man who stabbed his father and shot at a police officer will spend the rest of his life in prison. martinez was sentenced today to nine years behind bars. martinez shot at an officer who was attempting to arrest him in 2010. this was martinez' third conviction. >>> an alameda county judge sentenced cayman to 25 years in prison. that was in return for cayman pleading guilty. he told police he had been suspended from school and didn't want to deal with his parents being upset with him. >>> sunny vale police, the chp and sheriff's deputy all rushed to the school after a report of a gunman on campus. however, in the end it turns out the report was nothing more than a pr
and be very physical. that's who they are on defense. they're very smart. very experienced. they're going to do anything they can to stop us. >> reporter: the mid season switch from alex smith to colin kaepernick has been described as jim harbaugh's great gamble. they have a channel to make that gamble pay off making this the picture of the super bowl 47 champions. it is a pretty amazing asens. that means randy moss coming up at 6:00. >> we have a full team in new orleans. immediately following the super bowl switch over to us. you're going to see a live local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2. >> major league baseball is extremely disappointed about a newspaper report linking big names in baseball to steroids. the report checked records from a miami antiaging clinic. it found that melky cabrera, gio gonzalez, alex rodriguez and other players. gonzalez denies taking ped. colon and cabrera faced suspensions last season. >>> it's a medical first for an american soldier. he sacrificed for our country. how innovative medicine is giving him new hope. >> it's a healthy food, but it's
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4